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Experience Matters

Rifle Landscaping and Construction with our 18+ years of landscaping experience in the Industry, we can give you amazing looking flagstone patios or walkways. Flagstone patios and walkways can take an otherwise drab yard and make it look fantastic – and flagstone patios are wonderful for entertaining.

Flagstone patios and walkways

Look Great
Require little maintenance – reduce the mowing and watering requirements of your yard
Extremely Durable
Can increase property value
Green Mountain Flagstone Patio and Walkway Process

We design and construct your patio or walkway in a manner that will make it look great and ensure that it will last a long time.

Steps involved with designing your Flagstone Patio or Walkway

Meeting – We meet with you to determine exactly what you want
Design – We then design the patio or walkway and discuss with you for your approval
Construction – We then construct the stone patio or walkway. This involves creating the outline of the patio or walkway, filling with gravel or sand, making sure the patio or walkway is level, laying the flagstone, and securing the finished patio or walkway.