Rifle Landscaping and Construction

Landscape Design

A good Landscape Design takes into account every feature of an existing plot of land combined with the structures that occupy it. Sun, shade, shadows, views, windows, and colors to name a few. Landscaping is what makes a home complete and defines the property for a lifetime in most cases. It is the landscape architect or designers’ opportunity to create a surrounding that gives the land and home its’ final character. The commission to create a landscape comes to us as a great honor, as it is our chance to be creative and unique with a home and to design the landscaping to represent a collaboration of our clients’ creative input with our experience in designing custom landscapes.

Our design team strives to produce unique ideas and features into our landscapes that refine our creative product. There are many different types of landscaping that can be seen across the Denver front range. We live in a climate that offers us many choices of beautiful plantings and trees extending from the desert to the mountains. For Natural Landscapes, we design with elements from these different climates to compose a yard that’s colors change with the seasons and offer interest and shade. Natural landscapes resemble a more informal layout with organic shapes. Decorative Boulders can play a large part in giving your landscaping a natural look. For many projects, a more contemporary landscape design may be what suits best and may include a more formal or symmetrical layout. There are many choices when designing a landscape, with the goal of producing what suits needs and the home best.